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Out of the gate!!

So here goes... Have never tried one of these before. If you know me well you know that I'm really not that much of a talker, so you'd have to wonder why I'm starting a family blog. Well, I promise you it isn't so we can be a family of narcissists - we're certainly not any more interesting than the folks next door. But if you're interested in peeking behind our doors, here's your chance.

So, what are we doing? The coming week is going to be really exciting for us. We moved back from Los Angeles in July 2008. At the time we decided to move in with Steph's parents until we decided where to live. They've graciously put up with us for a whole year now - it was only supposed to be three months initially. God's timing was a little longer than ours though. We started thinking about building a new home back in December, and after a month or so we decided on a neighborhood. It's taken about 6 months for the whole process from start to finish, but we&#…