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8 weeks and very little news

Well, 8 weeks ago we were told there was a package of referrals being mailed to our agency that week. 8 weeks later and NO package. We have since found out that one of the Directors in the government is retiring this month and it has slowed the work process down. The new promise is referrals will be sent in October. Don't know what to think about this. Although I would love to be positive and believe they will send the files, last couple months there have been a lot of promises with no deliveries. So as I try to remain positive I am also being realistic that it might not be till January (or who knows when) when we hear something.

In all this, I know that God has many more lessons (as He has already taught us many) for us to learn. We are trying to enjoy this time with our children as our lives will be turned upside down for several months with the arrival of our new little one (as is with any new addition to the family!)

This adoption is an amazing picture of how Christ ado…