Monday, September 3, 2012

Exciting News!!!

Ok, I just have to preface this news with that fact that I thought this day was never going to come, therefore I thought I would never be able to say these words out loud, although I said them in my head often.  What are these words, you might ask??


After going on close to 3 yrs of waiting, it seems surreal to say it!!   Its even more surreal to stare at the picture of our adorable 4 yr old little man in China!   Tom and I will be writing our letter of intent to adopt him this week.   Sooo exciting!   His name will be Hudson (named after the great missionary to China - Hudson Taylor)

I will now address the other questions on your mind......

1.  what about the little girl we have been praying to adopt?   We will be waiting for the next few months for a referral for a little girl from China as well, so that we can process the two together and go one time to pick them both up!

2.  What about the other Southeast Asian country we started the process in?    We have decided that since we are adopting 2 children (Lord willing) from China we are going to stop the other process.   If the Lord sees fit down the road to allow to adopt from there, we would gladly restart that process!

How can you pray for the Lacock family?

1.  Pray that we are able to quickly get a referral for our daughter so that our son doesn't have to wait a long time for that process to go through.

2.  Pray for Hudson's care during this wait.  That God will wrap His arms around him and prepare his little heart for the HUGE change that is in his future.

3.  Pray for our daughter to be well cared for also.

4.  Pray that God will provide financially in next 8-9 months so that travel is not delayed.

5.  Pray for our existing family to use these next months wisely to strengthen our relationships with each other and prepare for the struggles that are ahead in attaching and bonding with 2 new children!

6.  Just pray.....anytime,'s soo powerful!!

Thank you for rejoicing with us in our amazing news.  We feel completely blessed that God would entrust us with this beautiful boy!

If I  can figure out how to make a password protected post I will post a pic.....but haven't taken the time to try to figure that out yet.    (Any suggestions welcome!)