Monday, May 17, 2010's been awhile since I updated this blog....

I feel like between Tom's tax season and homestudy/dossier prep these last few months have been a whirlwind! Our homestudy is finally complete! We had our last meeting on Saturday. Praise the Lord that part is over. We have almost all our documents ready for the dossier....just have to wait for our homestudy to be written to send in our I800A and dossier. That's the exciting part.

The not so exciting part is that our adoption country has put a hold on all healthy adoptions. We have decided to switch to the special needs program, which normally would cut our wait time in half, but probably not anymore. Due to the hold on healthy adoptions, now a lot of countries that have never done special needs adoptions are wanting to start programs. This is going to slow our process down :(
I am having to continually tell myself that this is God's will, I am God's vessel, and it will all be done to His glory. I do pray daily for my little one that is alive and waiting for us to come and get her. Pray for patience for us, protection for our daughter and speed in the government process of this adoption!!