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Wow, I have been really bad at keeping up with our blog!   As you can tell by the picture above we received our Letter of Acceptance on April 16th.   Since then we have been filling out more visa paperwork for our little Hudson.   As tedious as the paperwork can get sometimes, I don't mind because I feel like I am working to get us one step closer to our little boy!

We are hoping to have travel approval by the first part of June and be able to travel in July!   From what  we have heard you can cut the humidity with a knife in China in the summer.   So I am slowly, but surely collecting dry-wicking, quick-dry clothes for us to wear in country!   Nothing's worse than to have on a cotton t-shirt that is soaked within the first 10 minutes and have to sightsee all day in wetness!   Ewwww!   We will be prepared for you, humidity!

Just received word last night that the shared list is coming out Tuesday morning (China time) Monday night (our time)!    We have been praying very specif…