Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Waiting on one little piece of paper....

Look at all those Pretty Gold Seals!!!

A couple weeks ago I went to our Secretary of State's office to get our dossier authenticated. (Gold Sealed!)   While there, I was informed that they could not accept my birth certificate because it was county issued, not state issued.   They gave me the phone number to call and order over the phone, which I did as I walked back to my car.....I'm not wasting ANY time here.  I paid the extra $25 to have it overnight couriered so that it would only take 5-10 days to get it vs. 15-30 days if they regular mailed it.  Well, Monday I still didn't have it and it had been 2 weeks, so I called them to see where it was.   They then informed me that the day after I ordered it they stopped processing requests over the phone and so I would need to reorder it via snail mail.   Frustrated that I had "lost" two weeks of time I immediately was reminded by the Holy Spirit that NONE of this is in my time (a lesson you'd think I'd have learned 3 years into this process).   I was also reminded how perfect God's timing is because His way is best.  So now I am patiently, or as patiently as this flawed human can be, waiting for my State issued birth certificate to arrive.  Once it arrives, I will drive back to the Secretary of States office to have that document authenticated and then it is off to the post office to mail the whole dossier to our agency to have translated!!

As soon as it is logged into the system, in Asia, we can immediately start looking for our daughter!  Exciting times!  I was just telling Tom, wouldn't it be awesome if we knew who both our kids were before Christmas?!   Again, not sure that is God's timing, but it sure is fun to think about the possibility!