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Today we went downtown to the USCIS office to get our official fingerprints for the visa immigration paperwork so that we can get our I800A approval. Interestingly we found out that our fingerprints expire after 15 months. Why in the world would fingerprints expire? Fingerprints are unique to everyone and they never change....hmmmm!

Anyway, it was a quick and painless process. We hope to get the pre-approval letter soon so we can hurry up and wait some more!! Ha ha!

We are very busy right now planning, with 2 other families that are adopting, a fundraiser dinner - complete with silent auctions and live music! It is set for October 9th. It is a huge undertaking, but we are confident the Lord will provide all the funds that we need for this adoption one way or another, this being one of them! So if you live in town, mark your calendars. We will start pre-selling tickets stay tuned! The name of our fundraiser is: One Less Orphan. It is a way for many people to …