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3 weeks ago we needed $17,000......Where do we stand now?

FULLY FUNDED....... those are the two words adoptive parents dream about when they begin the adoption process.  Some families are able to say those two words quickly into their process, while most have to wait.  We are one of those waiting families and let me tell you how it wrecked our family.....
My God is a God that keeps His promises.  My God is a God that you can't put in a box.  My God is a God that does the unexpected and does more than we could ask or think.

Back in December we were well into the process of becoming foster parents.  Although we were confident we  would adopt from China again, our plan was to save for another year so we could mostly fund the adoption ourselves.  You see, the memories of fundraising for our last adoption had not so easily dissolved.  So our plan was set: wait a year, save, and fund it ourselves.  But, you see, God's plans often times are not our plans BUT are Always bigger and more fabulous!
In January, through a casual conversation wit…