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What a ride and we have barely started!

This past week has been draining....As we have been trying to patiently wait to see if our adoptive country is going to close it's program for this year.....we have been waiting and praying. Our agency has been great in trying to find out more information so that we can make an informed decision. We feel strongly that God has placed the desire for the country in our hearts. Although it seems easier to not go down a road of unknowns and to just switch countries, we believe that that isn't giving God much credit for being able to work things out for us in His timing and in His plan. So we will just continue to walk down this path until all our options have been exhausted. God wasn't shocked that this happened. He knew the timing for our adoption and for this countries shut-down would be the same. Although, I don't think that this will affect special-needs adoptions, which we are open to as we wait and see! Pray that God would give us peace and lead…


I just finished my autobiography for our homestudy. Wow! I think the homestudy agency is going to know more about me then I know about myself!! LOL! It did really make me think about questions in regards to parenting an adopted child. Tom cracked me up because he called me after reading the first question on the questionnaire and said he was stumped already!! Guess that's the difference between men and women....women can talk (or type) about anything for hours! My autobiography ended up being 7 pages long...and I had to cut out some words to make it nicely fit onto 7 pages. Tom will probably summarize his life in 2 pages!!
After he completes his autobiography then we will start the interviews and home visits with our homestudy fun!