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14 Days into the 40 Days of Prayer

14 days in and I can already see God moving and working in our lives and the lives of others. Some exciting news: 5 families from our agency got their TWIMC letter ("To whom it may concern" letter is given by the government saying they have been approved to adopt their child), which means they will be traveling to get their little ones in just a couple of months!! Our family is in the next batch of 5 families whose dossiers are currently in country waiting for processing.

We continue to ask, if it's God's will, that He see fit to give us our referral by March 15. We are not doing this to give Him an ultimatum, but rather because we are human and work on a time line, unlike God who is outside of time. So this is just a specific thing to pray for and we can look to a specific time to see if it's God's will. On March 15th we will be rejoicing and worshiping God for His greatness, whether it is for giving us a referral or teaching us more lessons of trust an…

Would you consider joining us for 40 days of prayer?.....

let me walk you through a few things that have happened the past couple weeks.

1. Those of you in our fellowship group know that we have been challenged to pray with our spouses at least 5 times a week. This has been such a neat and relationship-changing exercise as Tom and I have already seen some of the many benefits of praying daily with your partner.

2. Tom & I are both doing a study through Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology. Two weeks ago we read a chapter on Prayer. It was, for me, a VERY convicting chapter that made me realize that my lack of prayer shows my lack of trust and dependence on God. I am also robbing Him of glory by not asking for things within His will. Furthermore, I prevent God from showing His power to us and others when He answers prayer.

3. Many of you lovingly ask us how our adoption is going and if we have any news. Unfortunately the answer is always "No, we haven't heard anything" This is definitely a case where "no news…