Change of address

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. It only feels like that. But I think I have a pretty good reason for being out of the loop. A couple weeks back we moved into our own house. After having rented for 4 years in California, and then living with Steph's parents for the last year, it's a big change to be a homeowner once again.

We decided to do our part in stimulating the economy and built our home, so the plan of living with in-laws stretched from 6 months to a full year. But all that is behind us now, and we have spent pretty much every spare moment of the past few weeks hangings lights and ceiling fans, painting walls, assembling furniture, and pretty much everything else related to setting up a new house except for unpacking boxes. That can always come later right? :-) Steph has done an amazing job of getting things organized. My hat is off to her for all her hard work!!

So what happened to the adoption plans? This whole house thing was actually step one in the process. Now that we are getting settled in our own place, we can start moving along. It looks like we are going to wait a few months to do the home study - we want to get a good amount of paperwork done before we take that step. From what I've heard we can actually save time in the long run by gathering our papers, THEN doing the homestudy. I believe the homestudy is valid for only a certain period of time, so anything we can do now to minimize delays once the homestudy is completed can only be a good thing.

At this point we're leaning more towards Africa. We've talked to a really great agency that has recently started doing adoptions in that country. Also, we have some good friends currently in the process of adopting from Africa, so we'll be looking to them for guidance along the way.

Want to get involved? Here's how you can help us right now - pray. We need wisdom as we start this journey - wisdom that can come only from God. Please join us in asking Him to help us make the right decisions.

We look forward to updating you on each step!


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