Day 2 {Beijing}

The Great Wall

On our way....

Look Indiana friends, there is more than corn in China too!!!

We visited a Cloisonne factory.   Very cool to see how they make these beautiful vases.

I love signs in China!  Too funny!

Had to ride a lift up to the top of the mountain to our starting point on the wall!

My Lift-mate!

We went straight up!

A not-so-good selfy

We decided to take the hard route....

This is no is THAT steep

Honey, Im up here!

Two cuties standing guard in one of the towers!

Camden sporting his water squirting fan!

It was breathtaking!

We tobogganed down the mountain!   Soooo Fun!

We at lunch at the Schoolhouse

Trees made out of potted plants

Tea tasting

Olympic Park

Tom's eaten too many noodles here in China!

People were flying these kites everywhere.

Keelan getting asked to have her picture taken

Camden getting asked to have his picture taken

Ireland getting asked to have her picture never ends!

The Cube

The sign at the top was for a fountain! HA

The Nest at night

Tom eating noodles

Ireland with the Olympic figurines

Snack Street  (Beware)

The entrance

Starfish on a stick

Bugs on a stick

Live scorpion (they were moving) on a stick


Squid anyone?

How about snake or seahorse??

This was an amazing day full of fun and adventure!!!


  1. Love all the pictures!Looks amazing-minus the food, ha! So crazy.

  2. Wow! Awesome! You must've been tired after all of that! Looks like your kids are real troopers!

  3. Apparently everything comes on a stick in China! :) Looks like you're having a ton of fun! Praying for you and your big day ahead! Sending hugs! Ellie


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